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Terms and Conditions

General Terms

All students must inform the teacher of injuries for the teacher to adjust your practice accordingly. Please click here to download the Health Questionnaire.

Please be mindful and respectful to others, do not attend the class if you feel unwell because of temporary illness such as a cold or flu.

Bookings should be made online in advance to guarantee your space.

Students must check in at least five minutes before the start of your class, even if you have an online booking.

Classes may not run with less than 3 students and if cancelled the class will be credited in the next booking. 

No show is counted as an attended class.

Your booking is guaranteed until start time of the class.

Be on time. Last admittance to classes 5 mins past the start of the class.

All payments are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Student's Responsibility

Karuna Zen Yoga waives all liability if client does not disclosed medical conditions or recent injuries. It is the student's responsibility to inform the instructor any discomfort or pain, so variations can be offered.

Please seek advice from your physician prior to attend a yoga class, if you suffer from any medication condition that would prevent from participation in any yoga class offered by Karuna Zen Yoga.

Allow yourself one to one and a half hours to digest after a light snack and two to three hours to digest after a light meal before your yoga class. But doesn't mean you need to come to the mat with a completely empty stomach. Certain yoga poses can be uncomfortable and even nauseating after a heavy or rich meal. You'll want to go to class with a good amount of energy and without the distraction of hunger.

It is the student's responsibility to practice within their personal limits and to decide, whether or not to follow the advice and guidance provided by the yoga teacher.

Mobile phones should be at all times be kept on silent mode within our premises. No phones allowed in the practice room.

Karuna Zen Yoga accepts no responsibility for any property left unattended, theft or damaged property on the premises. Please be responsible for your belongings. 

Terms & Conditions are subject to change.